Periscope is a .Net open source dashboard - it accompanies Wolfpack Monitoring to provide a simple dashboard to visualise monitoring alerts and stats - it can be used stand-alone and provides an API to push your data to it.

Its very early alpha code - still in active development so expect a lot of changes! I'm working on refining some of the core framework components but it's pretty much working - the other task is to add more widget templates. Check the Widgets page to see what is supported but creating your own html/script templates should be very simple and eventually I see a gallery of downloadable template plugins being available.

The key component I am working on at the moment is the widget grid system so you can drag, drop and persist your layout. Once I have this in place I'll do a walk-thru "soup-to-nuts" on installing Wolfpack, Periscope, configuring them up to get them monitoring and dashboardeering!

Periscope has a NancyFx powered UI & Api that also allows you to push widget data/updates to so you should be able to hook anything into Periscope that talks http/rest/json.


7th May 2015

  • 3-2-1 back in the room....ok, work restarted this morning on getting this puppy stable and usable. I'm going to refresh the configuration repository layer to provide a cleaner file based config system and complete the UI pages to add panels/widgets.

23rd July 2014

  • v0.4.0 is released! Provides multi-panel support and new api calls to add panel/widget (this is only way to configure a dashboard at the moment - I'm working on the UI pages to do this for the next release).

22nd July 2014

  • Been busy working on the configuration, grid drag and drop and multi-panel features plus added some cool Chart(New).js widgets. Once multi-panel is working I'll do another release.
  • I have removed a couple of initial features like panel auto rotate which was based upon a "Current" panel concept.
  • Will add an extensibility point to the main periscope js file to allow you to add client side callbacks for signalr events that you might generate in a custom server-side plugin (the first example I hope will be the new auto panel rotate plugin).
  • Api methods now exist to add a new panel to the configuration and add a new widget to a panel - in the middle of creating the UI for these operations.

Alpha Notes - 16th April 2014

  • Powered by SignalR for realtime updates
  • Provides its UI (Bootstrap) and Api via NancyFx
  • Is self-hosted in TopShelf as either a console app or windows service.
    • Tried to get it working as a scriptcs script but failed miserably - something scriptcs doesn't like about SignalR? day this will all be scriptcs-able....
  • Provides an Api method to allow you to push widget data via a simple Rest call
  • Supports multiple graphing/visualisation frameworks simultaneously eg: you can mix highcharts with Raphael
  • Widgets can be templated (using dotLiquid) and support push and pull of data.
  • Define multiple boards - they will rotate at the intervals you configure it with.

Play Time!

Check out the Installation notes to get up and running. It's still "code" based configuration at the moment so you will need to really grab the source from the repo and tweak program.cs in the Hosts project to alter the layout but I'll be working on a configuration repository soon.

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